Ande Bunbury Architects are serious about minimizing our own environmental footprint. Our office is insulated, has good thermal mass and natural daylight, radiant gas heating and natural convective cooling via clerestory windows.

Purchasing Energy 

We purchase 100% GreenPower (Wind) from our energy retailer


New equipment is selected for energy efficiency and longevity.


Our commitment is to reduce in the first instance, and then what we do purchase has recycled content and/or is recyclable. We use pre-loved paper for drafts and internal office use (donations accepted!). New paper is Australian made and has a minimum of 80% recycled content

Printer Cartridges 

We refill (reuse) as many times as possible. Electronic transmittal of correspondence and drawings is used wherever possible


Our cleaning service uses microfibre cloths and natural cleaning products such as bicarb soda and pure soap. www.easli.com.au


Our office is located 1 km from the CBD so walking, bicycle and public transport are used 90% of the time.  Sculptural bike hooks in the entry foyer encourage staff use. Air and car travel has been carbon offset through investment in renewable energy and tree planting.

Waste Management

We have commingled recyclables collection (paper, plastic, steel and cardboard), food organics are composted and old equipment is onsold or donated or recycled through schemes such as ByteBack.