Water use in buildings can be considered using the Waste reduction mantra – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Ande Bunbury Architects design buildings that reduce overall external freshwater water consumption by selecting water-efficient fixtures and appliances and reduce garden water needs by appropriate landscaping and the use of drought-tolerant flora.

Our projects incorporate water collection systems such as roof forms designed to direct water flow to storage tanks. We often express the flow of water around the building as a dramatic design feature to be celebrated when it rains. Depending on the public access to the building, and its location near pollution sources, rain water (from roofs) collected on site can be used for garden watering, car washing, toilet flushing, laundry uses through to showers, hot water services and heating/cooling systems and potable uses. Stormwater (excess water not absorbed by the ground) can be collected in underground tanks or in ponds/wetlands on the site and used for irrigation. At ABA we believe that water is a recyclable resource and we are expert in systems to treat greywater and blackwater for reuse on site.