Ande Bunbury Architects consider the energy involved in the entire life cycle of the building, from construction through operation to eventual salvage or recyclability at the end of the building’s life. We design durable and flexible spaces to provide potential for adaptation rather than rebuilding as the occupants’ needs change over time. Building materials are selected for low embodied energy (including recycled materials), local provenance, durability and low toxicity.

Our buildings use less energy to run - for new houses we achieve 8+ Star energy ratings and our commercial and educational buildings can achieve Green Star ratings for Best Practice. Our designs use passive solar design to reduce heating and cooling requirements and incorporate natural daylighting and we specify energy efficient appliances and low energy lighting systems. ABA are expert in renewable energy and technologies such as solar hot water, solar hydronic heating, solar air heating systems, geothermal heating and cooling, and wind turbines for on-site power generation and we incorporate these technologies into our projects wherever feasible.