Each project by Ande Bunbury Architects is tailored to its unique landscape and microclimate. Site master planning utilises Ande’s permaculture design skills to take into consideration environmental potential and the connection to the larger built (and natural) environment.

We design buildings that create a linkage between the indoor and outdoor environment and are inspired by existing site features, vegetation, topography, views, prevailing winds and habitat pathways. Our work with landscape architects to incorporate drought tolerant indigenous plants encourages biodiversity and benefits the local environment by providing food and shelter for local fauna.

We utilise the potential of landscaping and water to enhance passive solar design by improving air quality and cooling the air entering the building, providing shade in summer and insulation through techniques such as green walls and roof gardens.

Our landscapes are fun as well as functional. We can design spaces for play that incorporate different textures, topography and experiential planting and play equipment as well as considering space for vegetable and herb gardens and composting facilities.