At Ande Bunbury Architects we can create carbon neutral buildings by providing renewable energy generation on-site to balance and compensate for the building’s overall energy consumption. This is generally achieved through using a combination of renewable energy systems.
In all cases, our buildings limit energy usage through passive solar design, the careful selection of fittings and appliances, and the selection of materials to minimise the embodied energy involved in the manufacture and transport of the product to site.
Our designs also seek to encourage the building’s occupants and visitors to use sustainable modes of travel such as walking, using bicycles, or public transport.
Our Whole of Life Eco-Development in Hampton is an exciting investigation in the area of carbon neutrality and is likely to involve photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine for energy generation, geothermal heating & cooling, low energy lighting and appliance selection. It also seeks to reduce carparking on site and instead makes ample provision for storage of bikes, pushers and electric wheelchairs. The site is within a stones throw of public transport, shopping and community and healthcare facilities.