Project description

The project consisted of a small extension but a substantial facelift to a '70s brown brick veneer house. This needed major reorientation as the street frontage was to the west with all the back of house functions on public display. Visitors were first confronted by a free-standing garage where they would have to stop and then make their way around to the other side of the house to gain entry.

The new entry is dramatic as it opens right through the house to a bushland view over the Yarra River valley. The existing ridgeline has been maintained and extended but the living areas now have cathedral ceilings and large elaborate timber framed windows that open the spaces out to the exterior. Timber sunshades provide sun protection to other north and west-facing windows and timber decks cantilever out toward the view.

Environmental features

North solar access to living areas; sunshading to north windows; vertical screening to protect from west sun; good cross ventilation; internal thermal mass; double glazing; timber window frames; low formaldehyde (E0) MDF for new joinery; low toxicity materials & finshes; gas log fireplace and hydronic heating; solar pool heating; waste water treatment system; on site stormwater detention via ponds and wetland irrigation

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