Project description

With the introduction of non-smoking rules inside licensed venues the hotel was keen to add a beer garden to their existing facilities. However, this was limited by the location of the existing drive-through bottleshop. The alternative was to build a new cafe-style bar and kitchen with indoor and outdoor drinking areas. A second storey 2 bedroom apartment over the bar helps complete the commercial streetscape of the shopping strip around the Nicholson St/Blyth St intersection.

The new bar has a contemporary form, like an embracing @ symbol that wraps around the building users and opens out to face the existing hotel. The roof curves down to the north side to protect neighbouring residential properties from the different land usage and potential noise.

Environmental features

Rainwater collection from main hotel for toilet flushing; passive solar design; internal thermal mass; double glazing; north solar access to living areas; sunshading to north windows; vertical screening to protect from west sun; good cross ventilation; gas appliances; gas instantaneous hot water; low toxicity materials & finishes; recycled materials and equipment; timber window frames; energy efficient lighting; future photovoltaic panels for on-site power generation

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