Project description

The project is an exploration of the terrace house and the type of extension that architects are frequently asked to do at the rear of these houses. Typically, the block is long and narrow. Before the extension, first-time visitors would exclaim on the length of the house when confronted by the shotgun-style vista from the front to the back door. Rather than try rectify this, the new work exaggerates this length, stretching and elongating forms right through the house out to the back yard where a circular area of paving provides a punctuation, a stopping point for the movement. Space flows around the circulation path through the house as a counterpoint to the pull along the length of the site. The hallway widens out at times, the kitchen is extruded vertically and slips past the foundations, a stair peels off from the circulation route and is compressed in width as it ascends and, at the back, the path is duplicated vertically by an upper level deck. A chain downpipe at the end of the route is a reminder both visually and acoustically, that rainwater is following a similar route to the visitor.

Environmental features

Recycled materials; north solar access to living areas; pergola provides sunshading to north windows; good cross ventilation; stack effect ventilation; ceiling fans; internal thermal mass; double glazing; timber window frames; all gas appliances; solar hot water; greywater system

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