Project description

This is a tiny 19m2 extension to the back of a two-storey Victorian terrace house and involved turning the existing kitchen into a family area connecting to the garden. To do this, all the structural walls to the back room were removed and replaced with brightly coloured steel beams. High level fire-rated windows on the East boundary have ensured that redevelopment of the commercial site next door has been set back from the house whilst providing additional light and views of sawtooth roofs.

Over half the back wall can open out as a single 3m x 3m timber framed door - within this the glazing is broken down to include a standard-sized back door, a high level awning window and a picture window. Other windows have feature colour and reflect the proportions and forms of the joinery.

A rooftop deck, accessed from a new glazed door from one of the bedrooms provides additional private open space and views of the surrounding rooftops. Solid fibre cement walls to either side of the deck act as blinkers to direct the view and protect the neighbours from sound transmission from the deck.

Environmental features

North solar access to living areas; pergola provides sunshading to north windows; internal thermal mass; recycled timber joinery; double glazing; timber window frames; windows located for cross ventilation; solar powered ventilation system; gas appliances

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