Project Description

This project involves the redevelopment of an existing 30 bed private nursing home into a 105-bed aged care facility with sustainability features such as transpired solar air heating, thermal chimneys and solar hot water. Rainwater collection and reuse for toilet flushing will reduce potable water usage by 40%.

The form of the proposed building is a two-storey “donut” with an internal courtyard providing a safe external space particularly for patients with dementia. Single bedrooms are separated by a pair of en suite bathrooms. On the north side of the building the external wall surface of the en suite is covered with transpired solar air heaters. This heated air is shifted, via ducts to rooms on the ground floor to the south of the building and that air is able to trickle out, via open doorways and vents, to moderate the temperature of the entire building. This reduces the requirement for mechanical heating which is to be provided by hydronic heating (and cooling) in the floor slab.