Project description

Ande Bunbury Architects have been involved in a number of projects at Clifton Hill Primary School, largely concentrating on ESD issues.

ABA provided the master plan and schematic design for redevelopment of the school’s largest yard area. Aspect Landscape Architects then documented the works required and carried out contract administration.

The project involved the replacement of a large sloping area of asphalt that is the location for the schools sport programs and ball sports play. A key feature of the design is the insertion of a tree-lined walkway through the centre of the ground which provides a link through the school, much needed shade and a location for retaining walls to level off the sloping site. Stormwater runoff from the hard surfaces is captured in a swale and the water quality improved by passing through a rain garden. The basketball court and handball courts have been resurfaced in recycled rubber of different colours and curved seating and retaining walls link the design with other playground areas, prevent tanbark from spreading over the paved areas and create sinuous forms for play. These shapes are repeated in decorative concrete to the walkway path.

Environmental features


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