Ande Bunbury Architects are award-winning designers

Ande Bunbury Architects is a strongly design-based practice. We have a collaborative approach to design, both within our office, with consultant teams and with the client and user groups’ close involvement. This diversity contributes to the breadth and unique nature of every project. Each design is approached from first principles and imbued with spatial and technological innovation and the success of our philosophy is testified to by the awards received and successful competition entries.

Focussing on our core specialization of environmental sustainability Ande Bunbury Architects enjoy entering design competitions to stretch and explore design ideas, research new green technologies and further innovative possibility. We believe the freedom of these exercises, and the intensive research, builds on our core knowledge and contributes to a design vitality that benefits all our projects.

Awards for architectural excellence are:

2006 Best Use of Timber Award Architeam Awards – Littlewood Extension

2004 Merit award Affordable Eco Housing Competition, Adelaide City Council

2003 3rd prize Sustainable Housing Competition, Holmesglen Buildsmart

2001 Sustainable Housing Competition, St Kilda, Office of Housing, with Zen Architects